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Many Christians and Catholics don’t fully understand God. Listen to Sonika teach you who God really is and give you so much useful wisdom for all areas of life.

Truth About Atheism

Distrust of atheism is growing.

A labor of love for atheists and a fascinating analysis of atheism by a genuine freethinker! Sonika reveals all the reasons for why rejection of atheism is healthy. Read Ricky Gervais and His Atheism

Emotional Healing Messages

A tool for life’s ups and downs

For when you need the right thoughts to make the right decisions in life. Preview this unique spiritual text on Amazon.com today!

Using TRUTH to turn unfinished spiritual development into self-mastery.

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Has religion turned you off from God or caused you to be unsure about God?

Have you fallen into the trap of the propaganda of atheism advocates?

Have you truly ever given the study of God and religions the time it deserves? 

Believers in God, is God still mysterious to you?

Still waiting on God to deliver on your prayers?

Well, maybe we all need to know God better.

After all, God is a matter of knowing – not a matter of belief.

And to know God, we need to learn from a genuine spiritual master.

After reading some of the worldly accolades listed below you would never guess that an intelligent and well-educated human such as Sonika was battling severe emotional sensitivity throughout her teens and into her twenties – instability whose origins she couldn’t quite fully understand. But in reality, her past is not a surprising one. It is a far too common story. There are many men and women with wonderful professional and educational accomplishments under their belts but who, even well into adulthood, are living with disturbance within themselves, unhappiness and the lack of a purpose that truly clicks with them. They are pressured to put up stable facades when interacting with the rest of the world, but their inner struggles are real and they cannot escape the truth of their own beings. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Many public and popular figures fall into this category unfortunately.

Sonika’s story is a unique one because she thoroughly overcame her mental health crisis using only the worship of God and study of ancient holy texts in conjunction with self-study. As a result, she discovered who God really is and how He has always wanted to be known by humans. She realized that only the accurate understanding of God leads to genuine self-mastery and causes one’s mind to become one’s own.

The mental health crisis is raging throughout the world. Unfortunately, so few people actually seek out genuine spiritual masters to learn about how the worship of God combined with medical/scientific therapies can help them overcome their emotional and mental struggles and heal their pasts. Rarely do the first several Google search results for “mental health tips” mention the word “God”, and rarely is the worship of God mentioned when the mental health crisis is being discussed in the mainstream. On top of these misfortunes, many religious leaders, scholars, teachers and theologians themselves do not understand the all-encompassing reality to begin with and also need to work on healing themselves (self-mastering).

In Sonika, you won’t find a self-help ‘guru’ or ‘superstar’ who is trying to help and motivate others but who needs to help herself first. Having been led by The Lord Jesus Christ and other “Faces” of God in her personal development, Sonika is firmly guided by the understanding that one should be the living example of what one teaches and preaches to others. Non-superficial spirituality define Sonika’s work and writings. In other words, TRUTH defines Sonika’s work and writings – the kind of actual spiritual experience-based Truth that you just will never get from well-known proponents of atheism. Sonika is reversing the hijacking of God that has occurred at the hands of staunch atheists, philosophers, scientism loyalists and egotistical religious and non-religious spiritual figures.

Sonika’s mission is to help people of all backgrounds, atheists, secular spiritualists and agnostics included, overcome their inner disturbances and personal struggles with the wisdom and Truthful knowledge that caused her to finally become genuinely self-mastered. Perfection is not the goal, but achieving the best personal and professional life for you is possible.

I am the bridge between monotheism and polytheism.

I am the bridge between religious orthodoxy and non-denominational spirituality/New Age spirituality.



Genuine spiritual masters are still quite rare on Earth. So when you finally come upon one, be sure to learn. Learn from me through my podcasts and books!

Some Spiritual Accolades

Attained self-mastery by age 29.

Led by The Lord Jesus Christ in her attainment of self-mastery.

Author of multiple books in the religion and spirituality category

Some Worldly Accolades

BA in Economics from Barnard College, Columbia University

Semifinalist in the prestigious Siemens Science Competition

2nd Place winner out of several dozen competitors in the prestigious INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair

American Psychological Association’s special 1st Place Award winner in Psychological Sciences at INTEL ISEF

Valedictorian of high school graduating class

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